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ZineQuest Followup Interview: Gianluca with FLAM

Gianluca is a member of the Italian indie gaming collective FLAM. They raised money during ZineQuest for Dead God Hunters. You can catch the original interview here.

Question: First off, did your project fund?

Answer. Yes, the project was funded far beyond our original goal.

Q. Tell us two things you learned with this project: one thing you were really pleased with and one thing you would do differently. Note that this question could apply to both ZineQuest itself and the actual 'zine. Interpret it how you like.

A. Something we truly appreciated about this project was the extraordinary interest and support showed by our backers. Feeling that amount of excitement coming from so many enthusiasts warmed us, and their positive comments helped us give our all to the project with dedication and peace of mind. If there's one thing we should do differently, that's probably marketing; we have a lot to learn in the field. For one thing, we should start advertising our projects earlier.

Q. Are you planning on participating in the next ZineQuest (or ZineMonth), whenever it is and in whatever form?

A.Should we find ourselves in the right conditions and with a viable project in hand, sure, we would love to come back for a new edition of ZineQuest.

Q. What kind of community support (either the crowdfunding platform, podcasts, blogs like this, etc) would you find helpful with the next ZQ project you do?

A. Right now, we treasure all of the support we can find. Of course, it would be quite a pleasure to see one of our projects being discussed in YouTube videos or Twitch livestreams!

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