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OSR News Roundup for October 24th, 2022

We're winding down the month of October with a number of new releases on the menu. Last week's Meet the Publisher interview was with Jason Vey of Elf Lair Games, with a special mid-week interview with Rose Bailey talking about her Shadow of Golgotha setting for OSE. This week's interview will be with Tim Brannan talking about witches, and there's a special follow-up interview with Ava Islam about her new release, Errant scheduled for Tuesday.

*Nameless Designer has released Heroes of Adventure on itch. There's a ton of content for it, and it is all free!

*This is right up my alley. Thomas Novosel has released the Lil Classic Tile Set, a set of custom hex tiles.

*Not a Demon is a game where you play a guardian spirit with an unfortunately terrifying appearance. It is currently crowdfunding on itch.

*Also on itch is My Chivalric Bromance, by R. Rook Studios. Look out for an interview with the author coming in the next few weeks!

*The everproductive tibbius as released a new title on drivethru. LinkboiZ and Scoundrel are two games in one, both with old-school flair.

*I've mentioned Errant before, by Ava Islam. A no-art pdf of the book is now available on Drivethru . . . for free!

*Atelier Clandestin has been publishing a number of short, random gaming aids, and this week they've published something near and dear to me, a hexcrawl generator.

*Goodman Games has published Empire of the East #1, a 1st level adventure based on the books by Fred Saberhagen.

*I loled when I read this title. It's not a game I'm familiar with, but the Mobster Manual, Vol 1 is out for the Advanced Hideouts and Hoodlums game.

*I'd mentioned Dungeonrunner, the card-based adventure game, in a previous Roundup. They're out with two new editions: A3 Fortress Goroth and A1 Call of Calphia.

*Demon Dog is based on Mork Borg, and is specifically called out as having adult content. It deals with mature themes and has naughty words aplenty, but if you're looking for something metal this is likely up your alley.

*Flame of the Heresy is an interesting looking, PWYW product designed to be used for downtime activities in a city.

*One of my favorite artists, Carlos Castilho, has some new stock art up. This one is entitled "Dungeoneer".

*Knotty Works has released their BX Options, Vol 3, with this issue focusing on magic-users.

*The Tomb of Spear and Smoke, by Vance Atkins and illustrated by Dyson Logos, is out as a PWYW product. Atkins has also just published Five Variations on a Ruined Tower, which seems like it could be a handy book to have when filling in a hexcrawl.

*The Dessicated Temple of Locha is now on Drivethru. It's the new dungeon by Duvelman Dice.

*Secrets of the Golden Throne is now on Kickstarter. It's a fairy-tale themed campaign for use with Against the Darkmaster.

*I've added a couple more titles to the website:

  1. Twilight Fables, by Izegrim Creations. This is the OSR version of his recently kickstarted book of fairy tale monsters and tales.

  2. Marc Star Kickstarted the Mirror of Malatesto, for ZineMonth22 and it is now out, in both OSE and 5e versions.

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