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OSR News Roundup for September 18th, 2023

As many readers of the Roundup might know, I opened a brick and mortar retail store this summer with a couple of other people, and last weekend had a really neat experience. There was apparently a zine Fest in Charlottesville that I wasn't aware of. After the festival, Jamie Douglas, a zine author based in Richmond, stopped by the store. Unfortunately I wasn't there, but they dropped off a couple copies of their works and later reached out to me on Discord. As it turns out, I had promoted some of their most recent works: Water Hoard Honeypot, an entry into the Vaults of Vaarn jam, Exton, a mini-setting, and more. It was a really neat completion of the circle, making a connection (however much removed by my absence) in real life that had its germs in this Roundup (as a sidenote, you can check out Jamie's itch page here!).

I'm not sure why, but releases last week were a little light. I've included what I found and thought looked interesting.

  • mothteeth has released Freeform Solo Role-playing (a Guide), which is pretty much what it says on the tin: it doesn't focus on mechanical rules for solo gaming, but instead presents guidelines for the actual role-playing aspect of solo play.

  • Sanction is being funded on Kickstarter. It's an interesting-looking universal system based on the Dee Sanction rpg. The idea is that it can handle a wide variety of genres and settings, and the plan is to release a number of genre supplements as stretch goals.

  • Champions of the Goblin Market is also raising money on Kickstarter. It's a 0-level DCC funnel that features weirdness and role-play instead of the straight on grinding associated with a lot of funnels.

  • Speaking of DCC, the Balladeer is a new class for DCC that brings in bardic influence for a class that helps to buff other PCs.

  • I knew that Matt Finch had started up Mythmere Games to republish Swords and Wizardry and other books; what I didn't realize is that they're also partnering with Luke Gygax to release material for Luke's setting. The Eye of Chentoufi is written by Gygax and Matt Everhart, and is a desert-themed adventure for a party of 6th to 8th level characters, while the Heart of Chentoufi is a sequel to it and a GaryCon exclusive.

  • The folks at Red Ruin Publishing have released a new free supplement for Dragon Warriors. Day of Legends: A Record of Times Past is a record of a Dragon Warriors Convention. They've also released Issue 11 of their zine, A Casket of Fays (also free).

  • Ziggurat of the Blood God is an adventure written for OSE written for 4th level characters and set in a jungle.

  • Written for 1e, with a host of well-known artists and plenty of extra material (such as a short cookbook with recipes from the inn featured in the module), The Village on the Borderlands is a detailed sandbox adventure.

  • New High Score is an adventure for Dark Places and Demogorgons, Bloat Games "kids on bikes" setting written with the OSE ruleset and designed to emulate Stranger Things-style games.

  • Cthonic Crawl #2: Monsters and Merchants is the second issue of a DCC-themed zine. This issue features ten merchants and ten monsters that can be dropped into DCC or other OSR-style games.

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