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OSR News Roundup for September 25th

Fall is officially here in the northern hemisphere, and we're gearing up to enter the spookiest month of the year. I'm sure the Roundup will reflect this over the next few weeks. Let's take a look and see what last week's new releases looked like, shall we?

  • I don't typically like to promote retail stores, preferring to focus instead on creators, but this came across my radar recently and I thought it would be of interest to the Canadian readers of this blog: The Eternal Torch is a new webstore located in western Canada that focuses on indie and OSR zines. We all know how crazy international shipping is these days, and it's nice to have another options for our neighbors up north.

  • Ben Laurence (of Ultan's Gate and Zyan fame) has started up a delightful little podcast that focuses on megadungeons. Called Into the Megadungeon, he's four episodes in, and each episode features an interview with a creator of a megadungeon campaign. This link takes you to his blog, and the link to the first episode.

  • There's a Cairn Adventure Bundle up on itch with some really fantastic products by some well-known authors in the field: Brad Kerr, Amanda P, seedling games, Cats Have no Lord, and more. Definitely a steal at the price!

  • Levi Kornelsen has published The Soothsayer's Deck, a collection of 36 oracle cards that can be used to add twists and depth to rpgs, especially if used in solo play. It'll be available as a POD product, and Levi has also made it with VTT functionality.

  • James T Hook has released Obsidian Dragon Slayer on itch. It uses the Maze Rats chassis, but is written to emulate high fantasy or sci fi play, especially along the veins of The Hobbit and similar early works.

  • There's another freebie by the folks at Red Ruin Publishing, as part of their fan-production for Dragon Warriors products. All Roads Lead to Clyster is an adventure written for 4th-6th rank characters.

  • Hoist the Flag, by Heretical Hedgehog, is a supplement for Pirate Borg that features a bunch of random tables to help out the GM, such as generating pirate flags and ship names, a study of historical jolly roger flags, and more.

  • I thought the Seeker class for OSE looked pretty interesting, although I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Seekers are characters that started their study as magic-users, but for whatever reason were unable to complete it and master the arcane arts, but still retain the hunger for knowledge and power.

  • Knives Out is a supplement for Mork Borg (and also compatible with Frontier Scum) that features knives, fencing rules, knives, a detective class, knives, and more.

  • Limithron has released two new adventures for Pirate Borg: The Battle of Dead Man's Cove (written specifically for naval combat) and Buried in the Bahamas (a sandbox introductory adventure).

  • The Bloom, by Goblin Archives, is a sandbox adventure for Liminal Horror inspired by The Last of Us, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, and more. Goblin Archives typically puts out fantastic stuff, so if you're a horror fan this is likely a great choice.

  • Episode 10 of Basilisk Hills Breakdown is now out. In this session, the Festival of Liwil continues, and the PCs have dinner with an ambassador from Faery and capture the leader of a brigand gang.

  • Coming up next month (October) at Sabre, we'll have a selection of spooky and horror-themed books on sale as we get ready for Halloween. This sale will apply to in-store and online purchases, so check out next week's roundup for a breakdown of what is for sale.

Over at Third Kingdom Games, I've come up with a release schedule for the next six or so months, if anyone is interested. In addition to the (monthly) Populated Hexes Monthly, I'm planning the following:

  • I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be getting the laid out version of Filling in the Blanks in this week, so I can move forward on printing the Into the Wild Omnibus. Layout has taken a lot longer than I had hoped, and I'm not happy about that.

  • I'll be raising money for the compiled Year Two of Populated Hexes Monthly in a few weeks. This should be a quick turnaround, seeing as everything is written, and I just nee to commission art. I'll also be doing the layout on this and all subsequent projects. I'm not the most innovative or interesting layout editor, but I'm pretty good at keeping to a schedule

  • I'll be crowdfunding Volume 2 of the BX Advanced Bestiary at the end of October, and shooting to have it done end of December. This volume will cover monsters E through N (maybe O).

  • Beginning of 2024 will see two projects: The Keep of the Rawhide Gang hexcrawl -- the third in the series of hexcrawl books I'm doing. This one will likely be the biggest, probably checking in at around 350 pages. I've also started writing Filling in the Dungeon, the companion book to Filling in the Blanks, that is all about randomly generating and populating dungeons. Both of these will be hitting Kickstarter the first few months of 2024.

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