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Product Spotlight: Eternal Return Key

"A psychedelic role-playing game with dice and a referee"

If you like crazy sci-fi jargon and playing through a wacky sci-fi mystery and world, this zine is for you! This uses a rule system known as Synthetic Dream Machine, self described as: "(An) anti-canon rpg system formerly known as S.E.A.C.A.T. Rules for playing in a strange, trippy world like that of the Ultraviolet Grasslands." Not to mention the art style, it bleeds character as this old school sci-fi cartoon style shouts at you from the margins of almost every page. It's very engaging to read and is perfect for two people looking to run through a cool and trippy adventure together.

This game is included in our month long Spooky Sale for October, give it a look and enjoy a discount on it if you pick this zine up this month!

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