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Product Spotlight: Stranger Things - Upside Down

"Young Will Byers disappears one evening while riding his bike home from a long RPG session. This frightening event becomes the first of many to befall this small, Midwestern town. From that point on, bizarre occurrences and new pieces of a supernatural mystery begin to unfold, forever turning the lives of some of the Hawkins' residents upside down."

Why marathon the first two seasons of Stranger Things when you can just play them in board game form! Take on the roles of your favorite characters from the show as you work together to stop the terrifying horrors that are emerging from the Upside Down. The game us fully cooperative and has the board split between Hawkins and the Upside Down, as well as miniatures for Hopper, the Boys, Eleven, and the fiendish Demigorgon and it's Demidogs!

This game is included in our month long Spooky Sale for October, enjoy the discount as you relive the magic of the show on your table top during the Halloween season.

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