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ZineQuest Followup Interview: Levi Combs of Planet X Games

Question. First, did your project fund? [They funded Big Eyed Chungus]

Answer. Yes! Our project got a lot of support from both Kickstarter and our regular readership at Planet X. For such a weird, niche project, we were very happy with the results.

Q. Tell us two things you learned with this project: one thing you were really pleased with and one thing you would do differently. Note that this question could apply to both ZineQuest itself and the actual 'zine. Interpret it how you like.

A. I really enjoyed working with Cheese Hasselberger, who did both the art and graphic design. It encouraged me to work with more artists who can do both. The results were great and the flow of the zine benefitted in a big way.

As for a downside, this will be the last project that I deliver PDFs using the update feature on Kickstarter. At least in the short term, I'll be releasing PDFs via Backerkit. I may move to another model in the future.

Q. Are you planning on participating in the next ZineQuest (or ZineMonth), whenever it is and in whatever form?

A. Yes! I love zine culture (and especially RPG zine culture) so I'll definitely be supporting it.

I'm already chipping away at my next ZineQuest entry!

Q. What kind of community support (either the crowdfunding platform, podcasts, blogs like this, etc) would you find helpful with the next ZQ project you do.

A. The more eyes that you can get on a project the better. I have confidence in my projects and feel that if the right audience can see it, they're usually willing to take the ride with me. Social media, podcasts, blogs, Launch, mailing lists, word of mouth - it all helps get the word out and that is a must for small publishers.

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