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OSR News Roundup 4.18.22

Well, last week saw *a ton* of new releases, especially on Drivethru. I'm not highlighting all of them here, since it would just be too much, but am calling out ones that specifically caught my eye. Yochai Gal's Cairn forest jam is winding down, and I included one of the submissions. You should check it out here: there's an *amazing* amount of cool content in there.

*The Lake of Abominations Kickstarter has reached the halfway point in the campaign and is approaching the third set of more art stretch goals.

*Probably the biggest item in today's list is the Old School Essentials Bundle of Holding. At the time of this post there are fourteen days remaining in the bundle, and you can get the OSE rules and a bunch of supplements, 'zines, and adventures.

*A newcomer to publishing is Rolling 9s. They've just released a 5-encounter dungeon written for the Index Card RPG, Waste Not Want Not, available on Drivethru.

*Dungeons in Blue has some bundles up on Drivethru. I'm just linking to one, but there seem to be a good number, and look to be a great deal for anyone looking for an empty dungeon reminiscent of the old B-series of adventures just ready to be stocked.

*Trouble is Southshore is a new adventure up on Drivethru, written for a party of 3-5 using the Rules Cyclopedia or other similar system (such as the excellent Dark Dungeons by Gubintroll). Intriguingly, the test notes that this, and all other adventures by the publisher, are designed to be used with Fat Dragon Games dungeon and cavern tiles.

*I'm not familair with any of their previous work, but Atelier Clandestin has released a supplement called City Pointcrawl Generator that would be a good resource for anyone looking to generate a city or city-based adventure.

*Goblin's Henchman has just released Face Folio, 100 fantasy portraits. All of the proceeds from sales in April will be going towards Ukrainian relief.

*Unicorn Meat looks fascinating. I'd seen previews of it last week, and it is finally up on Drivethru. It's a southern gothic horror adventure set in the world's last unicorn farm.

*Sean Morris wrote and illustrated Castle Agremoth in the Wailing Wood, an introductory adventure for 1st level characters using OSRIC.

*Mark Conway has released two PWYW supplements. Based on the cover art alone, they're beautifully laid out and neat looking hexcrawls. Qruhl Coast and the Dread Plain.

*Gello Grotto, by Frank Schmidt, is a delightful take on an old adventuring trope. A gelatinous cube lurking in the city's sewer system was slain, and the adventurers must find another to take it's place.

*The subject of random dungeon generation came up the other day in an online discussion, and lo and behold, there's a title here to help with it. Random Dungeon Generation: Caves and Caverns, is now on Drivethru.

*Black Ship of the Sunless caught my eye on Drivethru. It's billed as an episodic campaign arc for higher-level characters (using OSRIC) that has a bit of an Elric vibe.

*A system that I don't think gets enough love in OSR circles is Castles and Crusades, especially their supplements, and they've just released a couple. NPC Almanac Sketches and its companion, NPC Register, add a bunch of premade NPCs that can be added to your game.

*Last one is Battle for Carrion Vale, a sandbox setting which introduces the character as survivors trying to navigate the aftermath of an epic battle. It includes two pdfs: one for 5e and one for OSE.

*I'm so annoyed that I missed this earlier, but Lucas Rolim, the author of Pacts and Blades and MiniBX, is currently itchfunding a new edition of MiniBX. They've already hit their funding goal, but have got some really neat stretch goals that would be great to see reached.

*Tannic is Amanda P's entry to the Cairn itch jam. It's billed as a "love letter to the pine barrens, youthful adventures, and campside stories."

*Another forest jam entry is David Blandy's Welcome to Wrongwood, a system neutral micro-setting.

*It was released more than a week ago, but I didn't see it last week, so wanted to shout out Jimmy Shelter's Beyond the Glittering Sand, a psychedelic science-fantasy pointcrawl.

*This looks fucking awesome. Mog Borg is a Mork/Cy Borg hack that adds cats to Cy Borg.

*Technoskald has released Those Who Came Before, a science-fantasy supplement for Into the Odd heavily inspired by Numenera.

*There must be something cyber in the air, because Mangusta has released the early access pdfs of their cyberpunk grid-crawl.

*And another cyber entry, the Cultured Swordsman class for the CY Borg game.

*Third Kingdom Games has just released Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #9 on Drivethru, a look at the southernmost tip of the Plateau of Leng and rules for adventuring in the Dreamlands, both physically and while Dreaming.

The TKGames webstore has also added some new OSR products from other publishers:

*Four 'zines by Singing Flame: Xanadu (OSE), Xanadu (DCC), Night Lands, and Aquilus #2. All four are also bundled together into a single product at a 10% overall discount.

*Another 'zine by Brooklet Games. Vortex Isles

*Dungeon Plumbers, by Wayne Roberts.

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