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OSR News Roundup 5.2.22

After a flurry of activity last week things seem to have slowed down for the beginning of May. As a reminder, if you've released something on itch, or discovered a hidden gem that you think more folks should know about, please drop me a link and/or stop by rpgnet and add it to the itch promotional thread. The goal is to bring more exposure to stuff on itch, since the search function for tabletop stuff is less than ideal.

*The talented and prolific publisher Diogo Nogueira has released Primal Quest Essentials, a weird stone and sorcery adventure game. It's available on both itch and Drivethrurpg as PWYW. There's also an introductory adventure, The Caves of Our People, available for it.

*Quartershots has a week left on Kickstarter, a collection of zero prep adventurers that can be used in any old-school style game.

*The fantastic publisher Leyline Press is Kickstarting Albion Tales, a collection of three 'zines based on Arthurian legends.

*Fortuna's Favor is a new adventure released by Starry Knight Press. The fourteenth in their Old School Series, it is written for a party of 4-6 level characters.

*Old Sky Art has released a couple pieces of stock art. This one, Worm, is perhaps my favorite of the ones I've seen.

*60 Tavern Tavern Situations is about what it sounds like, by Atelier Clandestin.

*New from D10 Dimensions is Wild West Bounty Generation, a supplement that allows you to generate bounties for any wild west-style game.

*Chaos 2 Rising: Into the Abyss, is a new high-level adventure for use with Swords and Wizardry by Necromancer, the second in a series.

*Pitcrawler, a 2-person over-the-top fantasy rpg for two players is funding on Indiegogo. It's modeled on the old-school adventure gamebooks.

*I'm glad to see that Evlyn Moreau is staying busy. I interviewed her a few months ago, and she's doing the art for an upcoming project on Kickstarter. Skyrealms is a system-neutral rpg setting and coloring book that looks pretty neat.

*Tragos Games is currently itchfunding Metamorphosis BX as part of the LATAMjam I'd mentioned awhile back. Using MiniBX, it is a post-apocalyptic game in a world where space and time have been shattered.

*I stumbled across this the other day on reddit and thought it looked very cool. Shadow & Fae is up on itch, and is a fantasy ruleset with an old-school vibe but modern sensibilities. I'm a big fan of this design ethos; games such as D&D 5e have greatly expanded the player base, bringing tons of new folk into the hobby, and it's nice to see games like S&F that are specifically designed to bring new players into an old-school style of play. Plus, it's PWYW!

*I've added a bunch of new titles to the website:

  • The Fangwitch's Fall is a pdf from Em, written for the recent Cairn forest jam.

  • Pacts and Blades, by Lucas Rolim.

  • Beneath the Missing Sea, an adventure for the Best Left Buried System.

  • Into the Bronze, a game of sorcery and sandals set in ancient Mesopotamia.

  • Plus more from Soul Muppet!

  • A number of used titles, including some TSR-era box sets, West End Games Ghostbusters International box set, and more!

This month the pdf of A Guide to Thieves' Guilds will be 50% through the store. If you're looking for rules to help build or run a thieves' or assassins' guild -- as a player or Referee -- this is the resource for you!

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