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OSR News Roundup for August 22nd, 2022

ZineQuest 4 is winding down -- or at least my interview series is. I've got a few more interviews scheduled for this upcoming week, and then will be resuming the normal Meet the Publisher schedule of every Thursday (I've got some really great ones lined up for the upcoming weeks!).

This Week's Lineup

August 23rd. Lenora's Tiny Hut with The Shrouded Coast.

August 24. Harry Menear with the Beast of Borgenwald.

August 25th. Brian Hazzard with One Night Worlds.

Last Week's Posts

August 15th. NeonRot with BoneBout

August 16th. John Baltisberger with Morkabeans

August 17th. Feylight Studios with This Ship is a Tomb

August 18th. Jeffrey Jones with Gary's Appendix

August 19th. Slang Century with Raccoon Saloon.

August 19th. Matthew Morris The Ballad of Myrtlewood Fishermaus

August 20th. Marc Braden with MisAdventure Games.

August 21st. Landen P with Pocket Hex

*Eric Diaz has just released Old School Feats on Drivethru, offering customization options for old-school gaming.

*Poached Parchment, by Carl Ellis, looks interesting. Written for OSE, it bills itself as a heist-style adventure centered around a scrivener's guild.

*Goodman Games has released DCC module #102, Dweller Between the Worlds, an adventure for 1st level characters.

*With its cover inspired by old Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys art, James Holloway's The Magonium Mine Murders is out on Drivethru. It was Kickstarted earlier in the year, and looks fantastic.

*Smog and Steel is a free, 150-page (!) new system that brings fantasy gaming to the Victorian era. It looks to be worth checking out.

*Michael Duncan has released Mine Lootz: Mythos for ICRPG, a small supplements of mythos themed stuff for the Index Card RPG.

*Speaking of mythos, the prolific Kent David Kelly has released Cthulhu in Wonderland: Falling down the Zoog Hole.

*The Call of the Toad, by Gazer Press, is an adventure set in Germany during the 13th Century.

*The God King, by Ryan Redfern, is a short OSR-system that brings some modern sensibilities to old school play.

*The talented and prolific R Rook Studios is itchfunding Sherwood, a Traveller-style game of medieval outlaws in a fantastical England.

*I was super excited when I saw this come acros my feed. Andy Duvall has released "Duvelman's Hexmap Tileset" over on itch, a set of custom wilderness tiles for use in a number of hexmap programs (including Worldographer!). It's currently on sale as an early access deal for 5.00, which is a huge steal, and I'm not sure how much longer Andy's planning of selling it at this price. The best part is (I usually don't talk this much about projects!) is that it comes with a commercial use license.

*Matheus Morais has released their game Spellburn and Battlescars, a short rpg influenced by DCC and Into the Odd.

*There's a bunch of stuff being released on itch right now as part of game jams, and rather than plug each individually I'll just shout out the jams:

**There's a one-page game jam that will be ending soon (the day after this roundup is published) with some really unique stuff being published.

**As I get older I find it more difficult to read small print, as I'm sure many of you do as well. That's why I was chuffed to find out about the Accessibility Jam currently running on itch. Its goal is for publishers to revisit already published works and revise them so they are more accessible to gamers with vision issues, dyslexia, or other challenges reading text.

*I've added the following titles to the webstore:

**Gregor's Guide to Gates, by Philip Reed. This is a uniquely sized hardcover that was funded during this year's ZiMo and is now available in print.

**The Basilisk Hills Offset Print Version. I Kickstarted an offset print version of this book a few months ago, and it is now available for sale. It's got 300+ pages of hexcrawl content, printed with a high-quality sewn binding.

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