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OSR News Roundup for August 29th, 2022

ZineQuest 4 is still going on, but I've come to the end of my interview series. I hope you all have enjoyed reading them. If you are a ZQ4 creator who I interviewed, I'd love to do a follow-up interview to see how your project went and what your experiences were. Now that this special interview series is over I'll be resuming my normal schedule of releasing interviews every Thursday.

Last Week's Interviews

August 23rd. Lenora's Tiny Hut with The Shrouded Coast.

August 24th. Gaming Ballistic with Old School Solo.

August 25th. Harry Menear with the Beast of Borgenwald.

August 26th. Brian Hazzard with One Night Worlds.

*I interviewed Aaron Dill of Jolly Lark a few months back, and he's just gone live with his first Kickstarter, raising funds to produce ergonomical handles for miniature painting. If you're a miniature painter you should definitely check this out.

*I've been really trying not to advertise ZQ4 projects outside of the interview series -- because then these Roundups would be, like, pages long -- but I wanted to give a shout out to Try the Beetle Milk, by Emyco. I'm a big fan of her first book, the Fangwitch's Falls, and I'm excited to see what she's bringing to the table with this new point-crawl.

*Elijah Mills has released Campfire on itch, a GM-less storytelling game about unraveling supernatural mysteries.

*Ere the Tootle Pip Strikes Thirteen is a free introduction to the Goblin Markets world, which is currently crowdfunding as a part of ZQ4.

*Tanya Floaker was one of my first interviewees for the ZQ4 series, and apparently she's not done, because she's part of a collective running a Quickstarter to raise funds for the Edinburgh Indie Gamers collective. This 'zine contains what looks to be as an incredible amount of content.

*There's another free Dragon Warriors adventure out by Red Ruin Publishing. The Beast of the Black Tor is a solo adventure for 1st or 2nd rank characters.

*Goblin Archives has released a bundle for Liminal Horrors.

*This must be the week of bundles, because there's a Mork Borg Madness bundle from Reverend Uncle Bastard with savings of 65%.

*I'm a big fan of Patrick Stuart's work, and he's just added Bones of Bukako to Drivethru, a collection of level-less spells that have appeared in his previous works.

*Goodman Games has released Tales from the Magician's Skull Vol. 8, a collection of fiction, but it does include DCC stats for all of the monsters featured in the stories.

*Diogo Nogueira is consistently producting some of the best stuff for OSR gaming, and his newest adventure, The Dream Thieves, written for AZAG, features art by the amazing Perplexing Ruins.

*Mysteries of the Multiverse, by Dragon Peak Publishing, is a 'zine written for Mutant Crawl Classics and other similar OSR-style games.

*Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies is written for Mork Borg, and presents three one-page adventures.

*I love bestiaries and I cannot lie, and EE1: Things from Beyond looks pretty cool. Written for OSE, it features a number of monsters from beyond the ken of mortals.

*One of my favorite authors, taichara (you can catch the interview I did with them here) has released another little gem on itch. Beatific Butchery is an 8-page pocket mod exploring the question of exactly what one does with the heavenly host.

*There's only a couple more days to save 20% off on all the zines I've got in stock, with the sale coinciding with ZineQuest4.

*I've also added two new 'zines to the store, both written for the Mothership RPG by Spicy Tuna Games

**Knights of Lazarus is a puzzle dungeon set on a spaceship.

**Familiar Faces, Vol.1 is a collection of NPCs to add to your Mothership game.

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