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OSR News Roundup for June 17th, 2024

Welcome to the third Roundup in June. I mentioned a few weeks back that we're having a little mini convention at Sabre from July 4th - 7th in celebration of our one year anniverary of being in business: I've posted a schedule to our blog with our events. If you're going to be in the area during those days we'd love to see you pop in. There will also be cake.

Also, I missed this last week, but the Shadowdark RPG won the Three Castles Award at NTRPGcon last week. This issue might be a little light on Drivethru releases, but that's because there's an artist who's spamming the OSR filter with individual pieces of stock art (like, literally hundreds of different pieces) and it has made it very difficult to go through and find new releases).

Releases seemed to be pretty light in May, but they've definitely picked up the pace this month, with plenty of new releases last and this week.

  • As so often happens, a new project that I've been looking forward to releases on the same day as the Roundup goes live. In this case, it is a Castle Grief and their project Studded Leather Issue #1, a punk-rock, system agnostic, fantasy setting. I've been a fan of their artwork for awhile now, and am excited to see the zine come to life.

  • The prolific James Floyd Kelly is Kickstarting a dual project: Delver #15 and Runes #4. Delver is primarily for OSE and other similar games, while Runes features exclusively on Shadowdark.

  • Grimwild is funding on Backerkit. It bills itself as classic fantasy meeting narrative gameplay, and cites Blades in the Dark and the 24xx games as an influence.

  • Another project funding on Backerkit is Wasteland Degenerates, a Mad Max-inspired game that uses CY and Mork Borg as an engine. This campaign is to fund a jumpstart edition of the upcoming release.

  • Daniel Sell is reprinting the amazing Fungi of the Far Realms as part of a Kickstarter project, and this version includes a deck of cards that can be backed as well. This is a book we've had before, but is out of stock, and I'm excited to get it back in stock.

  • Troves is a fun-looking project that has reached its funding goal on KS and only has a day or two left. It's a GM-less, lighthearted game of cooperative dungeon delving, and looks to be a great introduction to gaming for kids or adults who might want a less intense rpg experience.

  • TheGiftofGabes has released Vaarn by the Way of Cairn, a mashup of Knave 2e and Cairn designed to allow you to play The Vaults of Vaarn using Cairn with as little conversion as possible.

  • A Quiet Land popped up in my social media feeds last week and I was immediately intrigued. It's billed as a one-page system for domain management. I haven't had a chance to take a look at it yet, but I do have the author's Shadow and Fae game and like that, so my guess is I'll like A Quiet Land as well.

  • GM Shail wrote The Ruin of Cochlea as part of the Hex23 jam. It's an intriguing-looking mini-dungeon that plays around with time and time travel.

  • I'm always happy to plug Wuggy's art packs: they've just released one of Arms and Armor. Like all of their art packs, it uses the CC-BY 4.0 license, so the contents are available to use for commercial and personal use.

  • Jimmy Shelter is itch-funding extra content for Pine Shallows, their excellent Goonies/Stranger Things-inspired game. I'm just getting into Brindlewood Bay, and I think Pine Shallows is very much in the same vein.

  • One of my favorite things to do in the Roundup is to promote the work of first time authors, and 8bitLogik has just released their first project. The Grind is a 2-player game that explores the commodification of the modern life.

  • Knaves of the Realms is a micro-supplement for Knave 2e that aims to bring a little more old school flavor to Knave while maintaining the rules-lite Knave approach.

  • A Visitor's Guide the Rainy City is a zine that we are consistently selling out of, and I saw this week that there are two new supplements for it: The Puppethand's Guide and The Restless Dead. I'm hoping both of these titles will be released in classic zine format.

  • The Morgansfort Campaign is one of the best regarded starting adventures for OSR games, and Morgansfort: Western Campaign Setting is now availble on Drivethru.

  • We've got a bunch of new books in stock, including:

  • The Mothership box set, in both normal and deluxe flavors.

  • Two Runecairn titles, by Colin Le Sueur: Into the Nine Realms and Wardensaga Remastered.

  • A number of (new) used titles.

  • Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 35 is live on Kickstarter for another day or so. This issue continues the look at the town of Dry Gulch by exploring the first level of the ruins beneath the surface.

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