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OSR News Roundup for August 8th, 2022

ZineQuest 4 is in full swing and GenCon is now officially over, so today's Roundup will be a little weird. There usually aren't that many new releases or crowdfunding projects during GenCon week, simply because they tend to get lost in the noise, but with ZineQuest going on it's a little different. I'm going to be listing both the upcoming interviews this week and link to last week's interviews, so you can check out what some of the ZineQuest projects will be.

This Week's Lineup

Aug. 8th. Bill Edmunds with Inn to the Deep

Aug. 9th. Joel Whitney with Borne from the Ashes

August 10th. Red Oak Games with Gunplaya and Brooklet Games with Wordlings.

August 11th. Spooky Bell Games with Beyond Deep

August 12th. Gianluca and FLAM with Dead Gods Hunters

August 13th. Appendix N with 'Zines with Class

August 14th. Wayne Roberts with a one-two punch of two 'zines: Worldbreaker and Dark Tides of Zaratos.

Last Week's Posts

Aug. 2nd. Tanya Floaker with Lo, Thy Dread Empire.

Aug. 3rd. Levi Combs with Big Eyed Chungus.

Aug. 4th. Dapper Rabbit Games with Tales from Dungeon Deep.

Aug. 5th. Daniel Perez with Zine of Wondrous Power.

Aug. 6th. Storeywood Press with Hunter of the Occult.

Aug. 7th. Knight Owl Publishing with Into the Space Worm and 3, 2, 1 . . . Action! with The Devil in New Jersey.

Axian Spice is tracking all of the Old School Essentials ZineQuest projects here on their blog for those interested in the more OSR offerings this year. And, if you're interested in some general type stats for this year, there's a project going on to track the progress of all current ZQ Kickstarters involving Prismatic Wastes and Eldritch Mouse.

I don't normally link to other blog posts, but Rob Conley of Bat in the Attic fame has announced he is ceasing sales of Judge's Guild products as of August 21st. You can read about it here.

And now on to some newly released products!

*I like hex stuff and I cannot lie, and Road|Trail|Wild is a procedural hexcrawl travel aid that caught my eye over on itch.

*I've posted about Blood and Gold before, and now there's a streamlined version available on itch as as a PWYW product.

*One of these days I've got to check out Dragon Warriors, because the prolific Red Ruin Publishing has just released another free adventure on Drivethru. The Ruins of Trostenhal is for characters of 2nd to 4th Rank.

*Love it or hate it, AI art is making a big splash these days. Kent David Kelly has just released another art pack featuring AI-assisted art with a fantasy vibe.

*Mike Mearls has written Lost Menagerie for Swords and Wizardry under the Necromancer imprint.

*Atelier Clandestin has released the Book of Thieves, a sourcebook for caper-style adventuring.

*The Laidback DM has released a bundle of Old School maps licensed for commercial or private use. They've also got more bundles of maps, and I'll definitely be checking their stuff out in the future.

*Solo gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years, and Old Solo Essentials is a set of rules for playing OSE solo.

*Other Side Publishing has released two new bundles: the 2022 Warlock Bundle and the 2022 Pagan Witch Bundle. Tim's work is always top notch and really creative.

*I've added some new products to the webstore:

**Master of the Onyx Tower is a solo adventure for the Mud and Blood system (which is also in stock).

**Populated Hexes Monthly Issue #12 is now available in pdf and as a print/pdf bundle.

**To celebrate Haunted West winning an Ennie this year I've got the physical book marked down 20% this week only.

**Also, just as a reminder, all of the 'zines I've got in stock are 15% off through the end of the month to coincide with ZineQuest.

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